Eloy I. Trujillo is a DUI defense attorney with over 19 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. His mission is to provide quality representation tailored to clients’ individual needs and resources. Before entering private practice, Mr. Trujillo worked as a Deputy Public Defender, legal aid lawyer, and as a staff attorney with the statewide non-profit impact litigation firm, Prison Law Office. During his career he has worked in a variety of practice areas, including criminal defense, correctional mental health and parole suitability.

With a practice focused exclusively on DUI (drunk driving), we provide representation in local state courts. Our mission is to provide quality representation based on a client’s individual needs and resources.

Mr. Trujillo earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and his law degree at Stanford University. He brings his deep knowledge of the law, a passion for justice and daily professionalism to each case.

Contact Eloy Trujillo for DUI & criminal defense matters:

    • Drunk Driving (DUI): CA VC 23152 (a) & (b)
    • DUI Diversion
    • DUI with Injury/Accident
    • Felony DUI
    • Reckless Driving: CA VC 23103
    • DUI Defense
    • Vehicle Narcotics Possession, Sales, Transportation and Trafficking
    • DUI Criminal Record Clearing (Expungement)
          Drug Diversion